Circadian rhythm disorders


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A short piece about the essential role of objects in the perceptual construction of time.

Many life forms have developed an internal clock called the circadian rhythm, an endogenous oscillating mechanism that under stable conditions follows a 24-hour pattern. The influence of cosmological activity becomes part of our DNA as if a single major oscillation tuned all the oscillation that occurs in the universe. When the circadian rhythm pattern desynchronizes with the 24-hour cycle, the timing of sleep is affected leading to disorders like jet lag and narcolepsy.

If time were an illusion, as many physicists and philosophers like Heraclitus and Julian Barbour have claimed over 2500 years, there is indeed a whimsical and deceitful aspect to it that betrays it. Our accountability of time requires of cues like the sun, the stars, the mechanisms of clocks and the circadian rhythm to keep a track on it. For example in many casinos where all potential time references are purposely hidden, the players lose record of time gambling without control as if without things we might not be able to be aware of time at all.


"...sometimes for me meditation on a concept or knowledge principle in a particular realm of understanding will trigger a response in a different realm of creative expression. And there will be resonances or metaphoric transformations from the original realm of knowledge into the creative expression. For example - although the movements of the earth and moon are regular and predictable to a high degree, broken rhythms and transient patterns can be heard and seen due to the effects of water and tidal flow. The ripples on sand and mud on shore lines and ephemeral standing waves caused by the outflow of tidal water across sand an mud (fluidised beds) can produce temporary standing waves that continually build and collapse with many harmonics and with varying frequencies, despite the fact that the tidal motion is driven from a fairly stable time frame of earth / moon / sun motion - the basis of circadian rhythm. So a sound artist may wish to compose a sound work using this concept of transient / broken rhythms, which may have originated from more stable sound sources in an environmental sound work.."
-Dallas Simpson


released January 21, 2016



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David Velez Bogotá, Colombia

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